Welcome to Trillium Awakening with Tatini
Tatini Goler assisting your embodied consciousness awakening
In Trillium Awakening we use the term Onlyness to describe the seamlessness of Consciousness and Experience.

This embodied spirituality does not strive to rise above human tendencies, but invites us to deepen into who we are as conditioned human beings with conscious awareness.  Investigation of consciousness and transmission of Being catalyzes this awakening to a profound, unshakable, paradoxical knowing of oneself as Infinite Consciousness and Finite Matter simultaneously.

I invite you to work with me in one-on-one sessions to recognize the seamlessness of your consciousness nature and all that you are including your body/mind and ego.

Who Am I?
Our authentic face emerges as we less and less identify with our conditioned patterns and instead shift solidly to an undisturbed connection with, and expression of Being. “Being” in this context referring to our fullest sense of identity, which is fundamentally non-separate from Consciousness and phenomena.

Why Am I Here?
You will be getting in touch with the gift you came here to give, your unique expression of Being Force, while and at the same time experiencing a profound deepening into the knowing of your infinite inner silence, spaciousness and peace. “Being Force” referring to the dynamic current of embodied Consciousness expressed as and through our bodies, feelings, and experience.

I look forward to meeting you ~ let’s journey together, and to the degree that I can serve you, I’d be honored to do so.