Being Connection ~ Living from Essence

Supporting your embodied consciousness awakening*
Emotional healing & integration, shadow work, empowering your authenticity and uniqueness

“Become loyal to your innermost truth.
Follow the way when all others abandon it.
Walk the path of your own heart.” 



I live for the love, investigation and expression of Being and support individuals to awaken and integrate into their full human divine potential.

My great passion is to help you get in touch with your conditioned patterns and liberate the awareness held there so that you can experience it as the flow of the unconditioned divine within you. To me it appears that nothing in the inner universe is random – there is a logic to our beauty and to our brokenness. I’d be honored to help you discover this logic of your Being. Over and over again I experience how those pieces we are struggling with, as we invite them into conscious awareness, heal and integrate and express as the gift we have to give.

In mutuality and accountability, I hold that my deepest perceptions of reality still comes through my filters… however translucent they might be… and this reflects in my work as a great capacity to hold the uniqueness of each and all.

In our work together I will invite and greenlight you to be “all that you are”, the “ugly and the beautiful”, “the conditioned and the unconditioned” and support you to experience the healing and transformative power of consciousness recognizing itself in and as you. I will assist you in finding your own dharma, your own life-sustaining truth, and your own deeply embodied knowing of “Who You Are” and “Why You Are Here”.



*Note: As embodied consciousness awakening facilitator and catalyst, I am trained in the
Waking Down in Mutuality®/ Trillium Awakening approach (2008 – 2018).
In February 2018 I left the Trillium Awakening teacher circle on an inner prompt to let go of my organizational involvement and teacher role so I can get to know myself without the identification of being a “Trillium Awakening teacher” and “Operational Circle member”
Letting go, moving on…